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The DA Wahalatantri Memorial Traditional Hospital has a long rooted past. The knowledge we possess today come directly from the sacred knowledge, hard work and dedication of our forefathers. Therefore we are eternally grateful to our late masters. We also strive hard to preserve this ancient knowledge that has been continued for so long for future generations.

As a result, we bow down and worship our late masters.

Our traditional physicians and masters:

  • Ven. Pothuwila Indra Jothy Thero
  • Master D. A. Wahalatantri
  • Master D. Y. Wahalatantri
  • Master Jayasekara Hettiarachchi
  • Master Jayasena Dahanayaka
  • Master Jayaweera Bandara
  • Traditional Physician S. R. Wahalatanrtri
  • Traditional Physician C. S. Wahalatanrtri

We specialise on diseases which are less-known to modern western medicine. We welcome patients who have been told by doctors that their disease “cannot be cured.” We also provide treatment to diseases that are completely unknown to modern medicine. 

Our diagnosis techniques are embedded in our very special traditional system and some of them include horoscope and spiritual scanning. These scared methods may guide you to understand the disease and potentially cure it, forever.

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